Our Difference:
A Force Multiplier In Innovation

One size does not fit all.

Our agency model is flexible so we can scale up or down depending on your needs.

Why is Clarteza different?

We are headquartered in Chicago, IL. Our team has diverse backgrounds to tackle client issues. We believe that perspective is paramount to providing valuable lenses when evaluating a business issue.

Multi-disciplinary senior-level team

Multi-disciplinary senior-level team

Clarteza is comprised solely of a multi-disciplinary senior-level team representing Consulting, Marketing, Psychology, Advertising, Statistics, Research, and Analytics.

Clarteza leverages research

The intangible difference

What sets Clarteza apart is not only the highly experienced team that touches every project and leverages multiple lenses throughout. It is also the trusted partnership and custom-tailored deliverables that turn first-time clients into long-term advocates.

The intangible difference

We use AI and other disruptive technologies

We’re constantly learning about new technologies, and are always looking for ways to use what we’ve learned. We curate customer-driven solutions to accelerate and amplify the depth of our research.

Team Extension & Client Resource

We believe in design thinking

We are biased towards action and believe in taking small, sometimes iterative steps to find an optimal client solution.

New Product Development for Innovation Pipeline Planning

We use fusion methodologies

We push the boundaries of research methods to capture unconscious and cognitive behavioral processing of the brain.

New Product Development for Innovation Pipeline Planning

We find experts

We believe innovation is as much about building solid partnerships as it is about creating quality products. We view collaboration with others as a way to amplify our skill set and add value for our customers.

For us, the difference is this: It's not just business,

it's personal.

We have a small team that makes a big impact.

Intuition, creativity, and high standards are blended in an agile partnership committed to guiding our clients toward the best strategic decisions.

We infuse your research initiatives with a marketing compass, steering learning to actionable outcomes.

The difference is:

  • - The right team of collaborative partners
  • - The right skills for creative, technical, and strategic challenges
  • - The right moment for your dynamic business

At its core, Clarteza leverages research (primary, secondary, qualitative, quantitative) to address client business issues and answer strategic questions


New Concept Development or
Product Repositioning

Shopper Insights and
Sales Team Support

Market and brand
health assessment

Process optimization
and implementation

The team

our most important team member is you, and together we can achieve amazing results.