Workshops by Design

Our workshops are designed to help you and your team learn new skills, gain new perspectives, and solve problems.

What participants say about Workshops by Design:

“A fun, engaging workshop that really opens up your mind to innovative thinking beyond constraints and potential boundaries. Get ready to learn, improvise and push beyond your comfort zone: you will definitely leave this workshop more inspired that when you walked in!”

– An Entrepreneur, Start up

“I liked that it was 2 hours of true disconnection from the daily routine. It was very dynamic, fun, interactive and the moderators were just great. The fact that there was an actress made the workshop so much fun, as she completely transformed into multiple personalities.”

- Marketing Executive, Fortune 500

“The workshop was great to get the team rallied around a new idea to help ideate for the future. I thoroughly enjoyed bonding and getting to know other with this unique experience”

- Marketing Director, Fortune 500

“I thought the two days were well thought out and organized in a way that moved us closer to developing successful products and/or services. I felt immersed and included in the process, and that my thoughts and opinions were honored and appreciated.”

- Strategy Executive, Mid-Size Company

“I liked the co-creation aspect of the event. By the end of the second day, it felt like we were much closer to having product concepts than when we started the day before. I've been part of events in the past were ideation was the goal, but didn't feel like any progress was made toward that goal after 1+ days working and discussing.”

- Chief Operating Officer, Mid-Size Company

“I would see myself taking these types of workshops again because I think it is great to be able to spend time and ideate on the topics. I truly believe the outputs of these products are indispensable and why I will always participate whenever I can!”

- Senior Manager Consumer Insights, Fortune 500