We help to build a strong heart for the brand

We can work with you throughout the innovation process to deliver concise, relevant, actionable information. We deliver 'knowledge in a pill'.

Our role is to make connections within data, across disciplines, and between people as innovation unfolds.

We build a culture of innovation

Consumer landscape

Consumer landscape

Consumer and Market Understanding

1 solution

  • Clarity Report
Opportunity mapping

Opportunity mapping

Identify white spaces in context of your competition

3 solutions

  • Product Portal
  • Competitive analysis
  • Demand Landscape / Segmentation activation connected to new idea generation
Insight generation

Insight generation

Multi-faceted approach with cognitive and behavioral assessment to uncover human needs

3 solutions

  • Fusion Methodology Insights
  • Livelogging
  • Vocal intonations
Concept creation

Concept assessment

Idea optimization

3 solutions

  • Internal workshops & interviews that leverage insights
  • Microfacial and voice expression AI with cognitive
  • AI text analysis of consumer responses, sentiment & themes
Idea & Pack evaluation

Communication evaluation

Product and branding optimization

3 solutions

  • Progressive Pack/Product or Brand Evaluator
  • Fusion Assessment (Predictive/Unconscious/Qual/Quant)
  • Pre-attentive PreVue Evaluation
At the shelf

In-store experience

Experience Evaluator: product visibility, performance/in-store demo live assessment

4 solutions

  • Experiential Road Show and In-store Demo Evaluator
  • Store Audit
  • Traffic measurement
  • Synergy Finder for brands & retailers

We help you connect the dots across the customer experience.

At a high level we evaluate the overall customer experience across a variety of touch-points with your brand.


Our approach:

How we get there

We deliver sound, strategic marketing direction essential to addressing dynamic business needs, small to large.